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Urgent Vacancy Remote Jobs From Home Canada For Customer Service Manager
Job Description
Remote Jobs From Home Canada, A Customer Service Manager, also known as a customer service manager, ensures that the customers of a company are satisfied. Their role is to provide superb customer service by leading and motivating the customer service team, developing loyalty programs, and creating customer satisfaction goals.

Our company is searching for a motivated and experienced customer service manager to lead our customer service department. Your goal will be to provide outstanding customer service to our clients by developing effective customer service procedures, implementing customer loyalty programs, and setting customer satisfaction goals.

To qualify for the role, the ideal candidate will have proven experience working in a customer service position, with excellent knowledge of the latest industry trends and techniques. In addition to being an excellent communicator (written and verbal), you will also demonstrate strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
Job Details

Hiring Organization
Valenta Canada

Post Name
Customer Service Manager

Any Graduate, Post Graduate


Employment Type
Full Time

Work Hours
8 Hours

CAD 8000 To CAD 8500 Per Month

Job Location Type
Work From Home

About Organization
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What I was really impressed with, was that not only do you get that dedicated resource, you also have a manager that reviews all of their work, and all included in the price. Overall I’ve been really happy with the process and it’s helping me live my dream, which is to work from home and not have any staff in the office.
Responsibilities For Remote Jobs From Home Canada

Implement an effective customer loyalty program.
Maintain accurate records and document all customer service activities and discussions.
Assess service statistics and prepare detailed reports on your findings.
Hire and train new customer service agents.
Manage the approved budget of the customer service department.
Stay informed on the latest industry techniques and methods.

Job Requirements For Remote Jobs From Home Canada

Supervise day-to-day operations in the customer service department.
Respond to customer service issues in a timely manner.
Create effective customer service procedures, policies, and standards.
Develop customer satisfaction goals and coordinate with the team to meet them on a steady basis.

Job Skills For Remote Jobs From Home Canada

Proficiency in Microsoft Office and customer service software.
Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
Good understanding of management practices and techniques.
Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills.

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