Urgent Vacancy Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Indian For Packer
Job Description 
Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Indian, Also known as packagers, packers prepare items for shipping by weighing, labeling and packing them into shipping containers.

We are looking for a highly organized packer to prepare items for shipping. The Packer is responsible for cleaning shipping containers, labeling items and packing items into the shipping containers.
To be successful as a packer you must have attention to detail and the ability to organize items. A good packer is efficient and careful not to damage items.

Job Details

Hiring Organization
Boulangerie Pâtisserie Dumas Inc

Post Name

10th Pass, 12th Pass


Employment Type
Full Time

Work Hours
8 Hours

CAD 17 To CAD 20 Per Hour

Québec City, Québec, Canada G1P 3X2

About Organization
For over 25 years, the Dumas Bakery has specialized in the manufacturing of croissants, pastry shells and puff pastry. Thanks to its passionate team of employees that continually strives for excellence, the bakery has managed to develop the highest quality products. They are available in supermarkets across Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes.
Check our list of retailers in the“where to find our products” section. Located in Québec City, our fully automated factory gives us the ability to manufacture our products on a large scale and ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards. Have a question? Ask us!
Available in the frozen foods section, our ready-to-bake puff pastry is as delicious as it is easy to use. It will enhance your recipes while saving you time and energy. Our croissants and puff pastry shells are a simple and delicious base for your meals: from a breakfast on-the-go to festive dinners. Ready to be used in your recipe, straight out of the package.
Job Responsibilities For Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Indian

Ensure that items are undamaged.
Clean shipping containers.
Label items.
Pack items into shipping containers.
Seal and label shipping containers.

Job Skills For Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Indian

In-depth knowledge of packing and shipping procedures.
Ability to operate shipping vehicles.
Good knowledge of basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment for long hours.
Excellent organizational skills.

Job Requirements For Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Indian

Physical strength and stamina.
Prior experience working in a warehouse.
Attention to detail.
Excellent organizational skills.

Job Benefits For Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Indian

Super fast infrastructure deployment.
Multi-provider portability.
Improved stability.
Greater testability.

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