Urgent Vacancy Jobs in Ottawa For Photographer
Job Description
Jobs in Ottawa, Photographers capture images or videos for clients in a studio, on location, or at an event. The photographer prepares the studio by setting up lights and props and typically performs some editing after a photo shoot.
We are looking for an organized and creative photographer to work with clients to understand their needs. The photographer’s responsibilities include seeking out appropriate locations for photoshoots, preparing the studio for each client, purchasing necessary props, and keeping abreast of the latest photo editing software.
To be successful as a photographer, you must have excellent interpersonal skills and a keen eye for detail. A great photographer knows how to balance artistic integrity with the demands of the client.
Job Details

Hiring Organization
Simon Choisnet Studio

Post Name

12th Pass


Employment Type
Full Time

Work Hours
8 Hours

CAD 15 To CAD 20 Per Hour

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2K 1G4

About Organization

As ambitious and adventurous then ever with a motivation for the photography and fine arts business, I am ready to take on any project that comes my way.My name is Simon Choisnet, I was born in San Jose, California in and soon moved up to Canada with my family in the early’s.
My patience is often the most successful trait that allows me to flourish in photography, especially wildlife photography. I believe that creative inspiration for a photographer is best taken from a different medium than photography, thus I often look towards music, movies and current news to find my creative edge.Although I specialize in wildlife and outdoor photography, I am also just as proficient with in-studio photography. My speed and skill in Photoshop and other various programs allows for a smooth workflow to achieve deadlines on-time while aiming for quality which excels client standards.
It all begins with an idea. A spark in the mind that pumps the blood round and round in the brain culminating in something far greater than the sum of its components. Creativity.

Job Responsibilities For Jobs in Ottawa

Meet with clients prior to photoshoots to gauge their needs and expectations.
Purchase props needed for photoshoots.
Prepare the studio for photoshoots by setting up necessary lights and ensuring that the space is clean.
Find appropriate locations for shoots that are held outside of the studio.
Prepare necessary release forms for events.
Remain up to date with the latest editing software.

Job Skills For Jobs in Ottawa

Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Detailed knowledge of photography art and lighting
Strong creative presence and artistic flair
Customer focus with a desire to over deliver on quality
Able to follow instructions clearly to achieve desired results
Able to stand and move around for long periods at a time
Flexible to travel to locations as required of the job

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