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Urgent Elementary Class Teacher Job For Female
Job Details

Organization Name : The Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton
Post Name : Elementary Class Teacher
Employment Type : Full Time
Qualification : Any Graduate, Post Graduate
Industry : Private
Work Hours : 8 Hours
Job Experience : Fresher
Salary : CAD 22 To CAD 26 Per Hour
Location : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6B 1B5

About Organization
Waldorf education was founded in Germany by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and educator. Its primary philosophy seeks to resolve the following questions. Waldorf educators believe strongly that the education of the future must have four dimensions: academic, practical, aesthetic, and ethical.

In particular, they believe in the universality of ethical education. By encouraging the development of a child’s inherent morality and sense of beauty, the child becomes enthused and motivated to master his/her world.

Waldorf education is a preparation for both post-secondary education and for life. Waldorf schools attempt to bring a balance between the perceived permissiveness of late twentieth century schools and the over-disciplined, overly structured schools of the preceding era.

This balance provides for freedom and creativity, guidance for growth, and discipline of the will and mind – in short, the education of the total child. Waldorf schools around the world are celebrating 100 years of education.

The Waldorf curriculum is designed to be responsive to the various phases of a child’s development and is interpreted flexibly in accordance with the school’s cultural setting and local practices. The main subjects, such as history, language arts, science, and mathematics are taught in Main Lesson blocks of two to three hours per day, with each block lasting from three to five weeks.
Job Description
An elementary school teacher is responsible for creating a welcoming classroom environment. They are responsible for creating and executing lesson plans in the classroom.

A few of the main duties of an elementary school teacher are creating and editing lesson plans, enforcing classroom and school rules, observe and evaluate student performance, and grade homework and tests.

They also have to keep parents updated on their children. Some of the jobs titles that an elementary school teacher could grow into are principal and vice principal. An elementary school teacher should have 2 years of experience in teaching and a Master’s degree in teaching.

One of the most important skills that an elementary school teacher will have is their ability to control a classroom. Another skill is empathy as the elementary school teacher will need to relate to their students. They also need to be able to report their classroom progress to the principal and vice principal.
Elementary School Teacher Responsibilities

Meeting with students and parents to discuss education-related issues, and attending staff meetings.
Establishing a developmentally appropriate, positive, inclusive, and safe learning environment that is conducive to learning.
Advancing positive interpersonal relationships with coworkers and students.
Communicating proficiently with students.
Implementing district-adopted curriculum.
Preparing for assigned classes and providing lessons at designated times.
Integrating suitable use of technology.
Administering tests following district testing protocol and providing progress reports.
Determining and supporting standards of classroom behavior, and upholding district-adopted discipline policies.
Planning and supervising assignments and activities for student teachers, teacher assistants, and volunteers as required.


Critical thinking skills.
Communication skills.
Organisational skills.
Creative thinking abilities.
Leadership skills.
Capacity for teamwork.
Time management skills.

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